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Caring for Your Spiritual Needs

As an inspirational Minister, Rev. Alireza Mossavat PhD serves the many diverse and disparate needs of their community. They act as a teacher, guide, and religious authority and are always there to listen. Alsgalvestontxministries

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Bio of Re.v Alireza Mossavat Ordained Minister

Rev. Alireza Mossavat PhD also known as Rev. Al is a well-known Minister. Born in a religious and highly educated family, where religion, spirituality and education have always played a central role in their life. Rev. Alireza Mossavat PhD followed this religious path throughout life, eventually earning eight PhD's in natural medicine modalities and religion becoming a respected Minister.

Rev. Alireza Mossavat PhD enjoys all aspects of ministerial work and considers their position to be more of a way of life than a job. He is always available to talk and offer spiritual guidance and support to those in need of his services. Alsgalvestontxministries

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Services provided by Rev. Alireza Mossavat PhD

With an engaged form of speech, Rev. Alireza Mossavat PhD is often called upon to offer the following service:

  1. Wedding ceremonies

  2. Marriage counseling

  3. Individual and group prayer holdings

  4. House/Business blessings

  5. Spiritual guidance/Blessings/Advice/Counseling

  6. Baby naming

  7. Sermons/Lecture

  8. Funeral engagements for people and pets.

Rev. Alireza Mossavat PhD can perform these services for anyone "we are all the creation of GOD and must be respected and acknowledged for what we are no matter our color, sexual orientation, views in religion as we were created by the same GOD that we all pray to in different forms."

For any destinations outside of Galveston County, a traveling fee may apply. I am available to officiate your Ceremonies anywhere you like to have it from your favorite church, hotel, beach or place you can dream of. Texas Laws allow you to obtain your wedding license from any county and use it in any county you wish to do so.

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Learning How to Forgive

April 03 2021

I provide guidance and teaching steps assisted through prayers on improving oneself. You will learn to forgive and grow spiritually while also forgiving those that have done harm to you, this will help you in your healing path. Alsgalvestontxministries

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Rev. Alireza Mossavat PhD is available to help you in the State of TX with the list of services mentioned in this site. Alsgalvestontxministries


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